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February 6, 2012
GCME head Alexander Tirpitz to speak about Chinese companies in Germany at the 9. Berlin Russia Lounge
Alexander Tirpitz will speak about the market entries of Chinese companies in Germany in comparision to Russian enterprises. The keynote is part of the 9. Berlin Russia Lounge to be held on February 23, 2012. For more information see the offical invitation...

December 14, 2011
GCME to participate in 1st German-Russian Conference on Knowledge and Technology Transfer in Science in St. Petersburg
From December 16 to 18, 2011 the 1st German-Russian Conference on Knowledge and Technology Transfer in Science will be held in St. Petersburg. Objective of the conference is i. a. the development and optimization of technology transfer programs between Russia and Germany and improved access for students and academics to industry projects. Due to the GCME's efforts in supporting German-Russian co-operations and global technology transfer two GCME experts were invited to take part in the conference.

November 3, 2011
Alexander Tirpitz to speak about co-operation chances of German and Chinese companies at the German-Chinese Round Table of SRH University Heidelberg
GCME head Alexander Tirpitz was invited to speak about Chinese comapanies in Germany and the arising co-operation chances for German companies at the 2nd German-Chinese Round Table of the Center for Chinese Business Law (ZCW) at the SRH University Heidelberg on November 16, 2011.
The ZCW was recently established as a platform for business and legal research and education focussing on China. It is directed by Prof. Dr. Katrin Blasek, an expert for Chinese business law.
More information about the German-Chinese Round Table and the ZCW can be found on the ZCW's website.

October 6, 2011
GCME head Alexander Tirpitz to speak about Internationalization of Start-ups and SMEs at the Entrepreneurship Summit 2011
On October 29/30, 2011 the Entrepreneurship Summit 2011 will be held at Free Univeristy Berlin. A wide range of famous experts, managers and entrepreneurs will e. g. speak about Entrepreneurial Designs, Internet Marketing/SEO, E-Commerce, PR / Social Media or Leadership.
GCME head Alexander Tirpitz was invited to speak about "Relevance and challenges of internationalization for start-up companies and SMEs". His presentation will be part of the profund discussion group on the internationalization of start-up companies on October 29, 2011 at 11.15 am.
More information about the summit, its speakers and the whole programme can be found under www.entrepreneurship.de/summit/.

September 23, 2011
GCME head Alexander Tirpitz to participate in panel discussion at the 7th Freiburg SME Conference on October 5, 2011
Focussing on this year's main topic Globalization, Co-operations, Networks the 7th Freiburg SME Conference (7. Freiburger Mittelstandskongress) will be held on October 5, 2011 in Freiburg. Around 450 decision makers from SMEs and family business are expected to take part in the conference.
GCME head Alexander Tirpitz was invited to participate in the final panel discussion "Co-operations and networks for SMEs: An answer to globalization?".
More infomartion about the conference can be found in the conference flyer or under www.fr-mk.de.

September 1, 2011
New study "Russian Companies Enter Germany" released
The GCME's new study "Russian Companies Enter Germany - Objectives, barriers and chances" was released in today's press conference at Q110 - Deutsche Bank der Zukunft. A summary of the study findings is available under press releases. The complete study report in German and Russian language can be found under publications.
Additionally the EnterGermany Business Guide for Russian Companies is available free of charge.

July 19, 2011
In co-operation with DWIH Sao Paolo the GCME launches InnovationBridge 2011/12
Economic growth is highly related to young innvative companies. In order to promote the technolgies, products and services of these companies the German House of Science and Innovation Sao Paolo (DWIH) and the German Center for Market Entry (GCME) will launch the international magazine InnovationBridge. It will provide young innovative companies with the unique opportunity of presenting themselves to more than 200,000 potential customers and business partners in Brazil and Germany. Detailed information on the DWIH's website

July 14, 2011
Tangshan to hold investment conference for port-related industries in September 2011
Hosted by People’s Government of Hebei Province and organized by the Department of Commerce of Hebei Province and People’s Government of Tangshan City, the 2nd China Caofeidian Port-related Industries International Investment and Trade Fair (the Caofeidian Fair) will be held in Tangshan City during September 15-17, 2011.

With the theme of “Blue Port, Green Industries”, holding the concept of “Developing Green Port-related Industries”, and advocating “Cooperation for Win-Win Development”, this Caofeidian Fair focuses on advancing infrastructure construction and promoting the development of port-related industries such as advanced manufacturing, modern service industries and emerging strategic industries. It highlights the cooperation between industries, enterprises, projects and regions, making efforts to build a platform for port-related industries investment and trade, which sits on the Bohai-Rim and targets the whole world. Moreover, it shall build Caofeidian into a leading brand in port-related industries in the coastal area of Hebei Province.
Downloadof the Offical Invitation and programme
June 30, 2011
New article online: German Trade Fair Participation of Chinese Companies
In a recently published article Alexander Tirpitz and Miaomiao Zhu point out how Chinese companies can improve their trade fair participations in Germany and how the German Trade Fair Industry could support this attractive target group. Read the article

June 28, 2011
Media quote GCME in context of the Sino-German Government Meeting
In context of the Sino-German talks held in Berlin this week some respectful media quoted the GCME or asked for comments. See the complete press review

April 19, 2011
GCME starts survey project "Russian Companies Enter Germany"
The survey "Chinese Companies Enter Germany" received broad national and international attention because it opened up a completely new perspective on the investments made by Chinese firms in Germany. Now, the German Center for Market Entry already started to work on the second part of the ENTERGERMANY survey series: "Russian Companies Enter Germany - Objectives, Barriers and Chances". The survey report and the corresponding business guide will be published in September 2011.
Companies interested in booking an ad in the publications and thereby support the survey project can contact the project team for further information via survey (at) entergermany.com.

March 14, 2011
GCME head Alexander Tirpitz to speak about Chinese companies in Germany
Alexander Tirpitz will speak about "Chinese companies in Germany - Chance or threat?" at DCW Berlin-Brandenburg (German-Chinese Business Association) on March 28, 2011. see offical invitation

February 18, 2011
Survey report "Chinese Companies Enter Germany" and ENTERGERMANY Business Guide released
The survey report "Chinese Companies Enter Germany - Market Entry Challenges for Chinese Companies in Germany" was presented to the public in a press conference at Q110 - Deutsche Bank der Zukunft. A summary of the results is available under press releaes. The complete survey report can be downloaded under publications.
In addition, an ENTERGERMANY Business Guide for Chinese companies was compiled from the survey findings. The guide can be found under publications, too.

January 31, 2011
Survey "Chinese Companies Enter Germany" completed
The German Center for Market Entry recently completed its survey "Chinese Companies Enter Germany - Market Entry Challenges for Chinese Companies in Germany". Outcome of this survey project is an academic survey report (available in German and Chinese) and a Business Guide for Chinese entrepreneurs (German-Chinese).
The survey results will be presented to the public on February 18, 2011 at 10 am in Berlin. Journalists who want to take part in the press conference can register by email to the GCME's media desk.

November 18, 2010
Expert contribution in Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung by Tirpitz and Groll. more

August 01, 2010
ENTERGERMANY Business Guide – GCME conducts international research
The GCME is currently conducting a survey on business, legal and cultural aspects of internationalizing companies from China. The focus lies on the efforts to enter the German market. Outcome of the survey project will be a business guide for Chinese companies on their way to Germany and Europe that is tailored to their particular needs. Companies interested in taking part in the survey and in receiving the ENTERGERMANY Business Guide afterwards can register for notification here. The survey will be completed and the guide published in January 2011. Interested journalists can contact our media desk for further information and ex ante results.

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